Cannabis First Super Bowl ad

              Cannabis first Super Bowl ad


Today I will teach you something about marketing, this is not a Super Bowl ad, although it could be the most popular Super Bowl ad over time, when you make money send what you think is a fear exchange for the knowledge you just gained and the money we just saved you by reciprocating in marketing, or to our charities. Thank you-
You only market to your loyals.
You don't market to get new customers, that's your loyals job. 
How to get new customers?
That's a different chapter on building a client base and that all comes back to marketing, you can see why marketing is the center of it all. 
1.The first thing is, Not every organization needs a Super Bowl ad.
2. Second thing, not every business needs to go viral. 
3. Third thing is, if you don't tell your people you are ready for business, how do you expect them to find you, open and ready are two different things? 
Here is a True story about the difference between being ready and being open for business. A friend invited some of the boys to his new pizza joint he just acquired, when they arrived, the place was open for business, they walked in and took a seat, talked to the owner, looked at the menu, ordered some drinks, and decided on a pizza, however while they were waiting for the order of the pizza to arrive, they noticed a pizza being delivered to the restaurant, seems that my guy ordered a pizza from a different pizza joint, to give to his boys, everybody won but clearly he was not ready for business. The boys were as preplex as you are reading this, they ate and went their way and the rest is history....a true story! 
---The One most important thing to remember is, Everyone Needs Marketing Including, Jesus.---
In the marketing world the Super Bowl ads are the Cadillac of advertising in North America. The marketing world, the marketing world and they, some companies have done and continue to do very well with Super Bowl ads and some just didn't work out with their Super Bowl ads. Let me explain why. This is not a Super Bowl ad. This is marketing, marketing, marketing, most marketing executives from around the world will gravitate to for advice to save the organization. Why do you ask? Well let's show you how , for 1 reason only, because Marketing is all we do, H2OBoy is Marketing. 
Now back to the Super Bowl. 
While some companies do a lot of things and claim they are marketing companies, well that's not all the truth. In the marketing world, we celebrate the losses, only, not the victories, wins are expected, it's a formula. Like all formulas, if followed properly it will work. The defeats, those losses, they remind us that everything we know about marketing is wrong. That should be celebrated, now we have to try again, we have to come up with a better way to reach our audience to get them to re-engage and repeat that engagement for life. A customer for life is the only sustainable business. 
Now back to the Super Bowl.
All of marketing comes down to one thing, timing - if you can't read the times, you will not succeed in marketing. Like football you have to be able to read the plays to achieve a desired outcome, on offense and defense. If you do not know how to discern the times, learn the History of time, who started it, how it was started and why we need it in the first place, take an immersive trip, this once in a lifetime experience go into History, Herstory, and Theirstory, in it you will find what you seek, until you can read the times. Like your brain, You learned how to walk, you didn't learn how to walk on your own, there is a secret here, you can learn how to read the times. Timing is everything, you have to be prepared and when marketing fails - the first thing you do is accept responsibility, each and every one of you, you are not all love, you don't controle time, you get to preserve time, that's it. When you become all love you will know all things. 
Now back to the Super Bowl.
Breathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Breath in through your nose using both lungs, and out several times sloooooooooooooooly, till you can hear your heart beating, block every sound out and focus on your heart beating, now go back and follow the formula, find out where you started to go off the rails, and you will see it was not the right time. Don't take our word for it, do your own home work and tell us what you find please, we are looking forward to it. 
Back to the Super Bowl ads, on the books they are the studs of the spots in advertising, because they get the big bucks, however not all of the draft picks become Super or Mega Stars, some you never hear about after draft day, some who don't make the draft they end up becoming legends, and it all comes down to timing, preparation with patience, that meets the opportunity, that's it. Marketing formulas are always without bias. For example TH Brand was marketed and the world fell in love with it, although the designer said on Oprah that he didn't intend or want our people wearing his brand. The timing was right the marketing worked to a non biased audience but the brand was not ready for the truth. If you know from your research and the timing of your market segment to 100% assurance that the NFL is your audience you still might not do well with a Super Bowl ad, at this point in time it all comes down to Math, do the numbers, do your homework. The cost for a 30 second Super Bowl ad is 5.5 million dollars. A one day event 4 to 5 hundred million people. These numbers are not from the NFL, this is an example sample only. Now if you spread that 5.5 million over the course of the entire season, not only will you be getting the target market every day if your team does it right, not only will you be getting publicity year round, you get a tax receipt as a reward as well. If the timing is right then the ads will work, rather than putting a few 30 seconds ads in front of hundreds of millions of people for 3 hours and wishing for the 10% rule to kick in, you could place your brand in the life of each fan the (Community) year round and get a better retention rate because its more personal. 
Marketing ads are designed to remind your loyals to come through. Shopify, Shoppers Drug Mart, Blackberry, Walmart, Goodearthcoffeehouse, Coca Cola, The Bay, RBC, Canadian Tire, they don't make advertisements for new customers they just do it like Nike for the loyals, the loyals are the ones that really sells the brands to the public, that's why it's important to always have the best and greatest customers services, they, the Loyals spend money to buy the brands to market it for the brands. Think about that, people buy brands and promote them for the brands. So why not build your own brands? That is for another publish writing...on building your own brand. 
Now back to the Super Bowl
A time square ad for a week can start at 2.5 to 3.5 million a week. That's only seven days, that's 168 hours, how many eyeballs will actually see it and how many brains will retain the pertinent information in the ads for that week when it's done, how many people will engage and follow through with a purchase agreement, what do you do if you don't hit your numbers? 
This writing is about timing, marketing's best friend, marketing is about timing, don't waste your money and get all mad and upset when the timing just isn't right yet. Learn how to discern the times. Marketing only works because it is a constant reminder that we are open for business, there is a secret here. Remind the loyals and they will bring the rest. 
Now back to the Super Bowl
From the beginning of time the best marketing are the ones that stay with you for life. The brain, when humans discover a new experiences they tend to stay with them for life, a secret here. The best advertisements are the ones you get to engage with. If you expect that all your marketing will work, I have some advice for you, be real be ready for it not to work. We only celebrate the defeats because that's how we grow, wins are expected because we follow the formula. 
Now back to the Super Bowl 
Not every one that ascertains a viral moment in time can sustain it, the objective is longevity, and sustainability and the only way to achieve that is to be going through it now and not giving up, you want to keep on going on this marathon, you don't want to be a passing weather front. Not everyone can sustain a viral moment, if you are not ready for the viral moment when it happens you only get one viral moment - it's hard to tell if you can accommodate that pressure happening all at once if you haven't been preparing for it. If you get an order for 5000 pizzas,  but the most you can crank out on your best hot day is 900, you lose that bid and the people move on faster now than ever before. 
Back to the Super Bowl ad, your ads work, you go viral, get all the orders fulfilled and you earn some new customers for life along the way. Your viral video pays off, you were just reminding your customers to remember you and the rest is a bonus, there is a secret here. The brain, the timing of the ads trigger a memory in the brain, the customer is taken back in time to a personal experience that connects them to the brand and boobps the customer supports the brand. 
Now back to the Super Bowl
The number one reason businesses fail is the lack of marketing. Don't tell people that you are open for business if you can not accommodate them, when they try to reach you. People move on faster now than ever before with way more options all over and around. You go ahead and buy the Super Bowl ad, you go viral for the first time, now the truth is into you. The video game is rapidly attracting hundreds of millions of followers and gamers, and suddenly in the chat rooms the walls are filling up fast, comments spreading like a global pandemic, about bugs in the game, bugs that are bugging out the professionals who earn a living playing games (Gamers), they bail first, then their followers bail, and soon after the loyals bail, the reason being they were not met with the same level of quality and now your game is like blockbuster, or the dinosaur, or Nortel. What we are trying to teach people is don't tell people you are ready for business, when you know you are not prepared for that rapid growth, the truth only comes to the seekers. The believers always win, talk to any winner in your life, any one that you would consider a winner and they will tell you they just believed and it worked out somehow, somehow, it's not somehow its beliefs, its faith, you gotta have faith, you won't drop the ball, belief without works is dead. You have to work the faith and you will grow in the faith. It's the belief with the preparation that gives you the motivation, and the salutations my love. 
Now back to the Super Bowl.
If you do marketing well, then you will be at the center of the entire business/organization, not just in one department, producing or creating, you are actually the main player that connects everyone, without marketing there is no organization. There is a secret here, in the organization everyone has to communicate to each other for the organization to work, right. Everyone has to work together for the one objective, if not then you are molasses on a hot day. 
Now back to the Super Bowl. 
Let's say someone made a comment like the Chief will win the Super Bowl, and they win, that does not mean that they are a Super Bowl champion selector, what it does mean is, it's the Chiefs time to win the coveted Lombardi trophy. If for some reason that some one ended up watching the entire NFL season, watching as many games as humanly possible, and if they paid attention to the keys to each game, for example, the red zone package, down the field package, the up field package, the methods on offense and defense, matchup sequences during downs, and special teams, players vs players, sequence of plays prior to a time out, weather patterns leading to productivity on the fields and officials who love working the week games rather than weekend games, and if they somehow capture, encapsulate and interpolate all that data as finite detailed spreadsheet as possible, of each game, player and coach, stadium wind channels. Armed with this empirical data they can say for certain who would win the championship, because they studied the league to find the outcomes, all of that takes time. Marketing is all about timing, this article is about timing. 
Listen carefully and learn, in the Marketing world, you have to be in the Mix of it all and that takes time, to get the products and services up and running smoothly, that takes time, then you have to find the right audience to sell it to, all of that takes time. Your loyals could be anywhere but you only have one budget: find them and remind them. 
A lot of times why Super Bowl ads don't work is because the client gets sold on a bad idea, and their ego gets in the way of truths and facts. Kill the ego or the ego will destroy you slowly. The NFL has a captivated audience and they are a segment of society, they are not the entire mass of society, just one segment. If your brand is in that segment of society, you stand a better chance of your ads at the Super Bowl working on that segment, if it is not your target market then - remember not everyone needs a Super Bowl ad, not everyone needs to go viral, and if you don't know by now that the NFL is not your target market then don't tell them you are open for business- Save your money, timing is everything not something. 
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