H2OBoy Pr3ss Release 2022 Jan 7

For Immediate Release to the Press
Ottawa, 7th Jan 2022
Socially conscious H2OBoy.com embarks on unique funding plan
National Rugby Team player and 5 time marathoner Bernard Couchman is using creative ways to bring awareness to pressing social issues in Canada and abroad using unusual means. His primary business H20Boy, has been successfully developing a premium Global marketing brand since 2005 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with the aim to both finance the business and encourage socially responsible corporate citizens to take up the essential task of solving social problems, primarily the struggle that Indigenous and people of color go through.  
For Couchman the growth of his company and the mandate to rectify social problems is indivisible; "our corporate activities are not separate from our vision and mission. H2OBoy's existence is to highlight social issues in this era of consumerism and respective financial markets. Our mandate is timely in this generation, given that we now have abundance."
This social issue is H2OBoy's motivating factor for success. "As a company we have chosen to put our faith in people to see the connection between how we consume and the value of our society. Issue based marketing represents the synergy between business and tackling social problems -- the nexus allows us to go further, to responsibly accrue financial resources necessary to sustain income and put our genuine concerns into action."
H2OBoy's marketing of Global brands, beginning with High End Alkaline Alaskan water distributed in individual bottles at important Calgary events makes clear the aim of the company: "A % of all water sale profits will be donated to fight against HIV/AIDS"-- this slogan appears on all new bottle product labeling and will continue to cultivate the association between the consumption of H2OBoy products and services and social struggle.
As Couchman continues to state, " we support, because we have a mission beyond the bottom-line, it is imperative that we use alternative sources of financing and because the original proposition of the company is to offer premium quality products with a greater brand meaning than profits, we too have to turn our attention for support away from standard banking systems and engage in taste-based financing."
As Couchman continues to reason, "it is simply not enough to just have money, and just get money on your investment; you need an appropriate, sustainable, socially conscious, and desirable outlet for your hard work and money. We believe that one key to our success is developing the luxury market to our ends, focusing on One of a kind brands, like "just in time" but this time it's only one product at a time." Luxury consumerism is not commonly associated with building a company's wealth and it is the unique nature of the luxury market where Couchman and H2OBoy hope to have an impact. Indulging pleasures is certainly something normally excluded as a form of financing. "Building a business does not have to be strictly financial in nature so, as a first step, we have turned to offering Fine Art as a logical taste-based extension of our premium Alkaline Alaskan water and now other exclusive one of a kind products." 
This initial offer to build cash capital sends the message that freedom to choose and freedom to indulge in those things that are good in life should also be those things which produce positive social outcomes. "We want to make people feel they can satisfy their desires without compromising their commitment to the wellbeing of all", Couchman explains. "We provide a high quality premium product and in return the consumer receives more than the product itself – they get a 'value' associated with the product that gives rise to tackling social issues throughout the world. This is not just a business, this is a creative way to unearth finances which will promote and build a business that enables people."
Starting a Marketing company with a unique mandate to donate a % of all profits to fund social justice issue, primarily focusing on the struggle to fight and eradicate HIV/AIDS, H2OBoy has initiated a system that will no doubt see, as hoped, other companies and businesses replicate the multifaceted benefit model of H2OBoy. H2OBoy has launched its Ecom site www.h2oboy.com using the local Shopify platform, we use Shopify because they are a local company, having walked into the Shopify office on York Street when they had 8 employees brings us full circle.
Now H2OBoy is challenging Shopify to see who can get 3 million Canadians on the platform services by December 31 2022 by helping to support local business. As Canadians we need to insulate ourselves from external economic shocks. If the Global Pandemic has taught us economists anything it's to insulate ourselves and our economy ASAP. 
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