Cannabis the Church by HRH Bernard Couchman
Cannabis the Church by HRH Bernard Couchman
Cannabis the Church by HRH Bernard Couchman
Cannabis the Church by HRH Bernard Couchman
Cannabis the Church by HRH Bernard Couchman

Cannabis the Church by HRH Bernard Couchman

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My Rugby career began in 1995 at S.R.B High School, playing some of the best Rugby clubs and schools in Europe and the UK, I was called to the Ministry in 1999, after attending Seminary in Ottawa, Florida and Georgia, and fulfilling my ministry duties, the Lord moved me to Calgary to start a business to reach more people for Christ, to reach the people the Church can not typically reach, the political leaders, early on in Calgary I found my self rubbing shoulders with the World elites, some of which are now Canada's leaders. Art exhibits along side Toller Cranston, attending breakfast with the Mayor of Calgary and the Business community really propelled me to higher highs than I could ever imagine, black tie affair with the Late Ralph Klein, Bill Clinton is in the other room, Stephen Harper is getting nominated by me for Prime Minister and he wins, Preston Manning and Kent Hehr are living down stairs from me, all I had to do was listen to the Lord, He made it all possible. 

When the Lord ask just say yes!

I accelerated at at at High Level Rugby at a young age, which required more intense training, my body was being built for greatness. I was invited to represent the Guyana National Rugby team XV at a Rugby World Cup qualifications tournament in the Beautiful Georgetown, Guyana in 2005. The Monday before the tournament got on the way, I was hit late by a defender that I side steeped and the forward body weight and velocity ruptured tendons in my right ankle, which rendered me unfit to participate. I was devastated, not because I was injured, injury was not new to me, being a high level Rugby player, but because I could not help my team to victory. 

Herbs is mentioned in the Bible many times as plants that should be respected and consumed. In the very first book of the Bible you see the commands of the lord to consume the herbs. 

While I was recovering flying back to Calgary from Georgetown, I was in quite a bit of pain. As I arrive to the medical specialist, they always give me pills. Heavy pain killers. I was never a fan of these, I wanted a better way to live my life and keep playing Rugby at a high level. While developing my H2OBoy business plan, I came across some interesting medical and economical facts about Cannabis, I was dumfounded, Cannabis in Canada was contributing upwards of 5 billion dollars directly to the British Columbia markets via the Black Markets because back then Cannabis was not legal in Canada. I immediately did my primary research into the Natural health benefits of Cannabis and the economics of Cannabis. I wrote a economic book Call R420 on the economic opportunities of Cannabis full production, this book is not released yet.

I will be taking my knowledge to Churches and or Synagogues,  Temples and °°°•○●☆ Schools, that are willing and able to open the pulpit and platforms to learn about how the healing nature of this plant can help them and their congregations as they age and the loved ones their family members and friends can heal. The health benefit's were astounding, the healing components of terpene's, the THC, the CBD, added extra stimulant's to elucidate the therapeutic properties, well this new discover was astonishing, I immediately contacted my family doctor to get access to Medical Cannabis. My family doctor had no prior knowledge on the topic him self, we had a quagmire, after ten years of repeated consistent proof, the laws in Canada changed in 2019 and my doctor eyes were open, he introduce me to a pain specialist that was sympathetic to my needs. 

The law is very important in Cannabis the Church, as I give these talks about my testimony and how the Bible views Cannabis, I want to make sure to present the best possible representative of Christ as I can be. I will have my personal Cannabis expert my personal pain specialist and medical expert Dr. Barbara Mainville at all of these events to help answer your questions. This is a very interactive sessions where we get to answer all of your questions about Cannabis and the Church. 

Mental Health is the most important of health practice one can exercise, however there is a Stigma attached to Mental Illness. Many people should be loving and more compassionate to ALL people and to those that consume cannabis but that's not the case even though its the Law.  

You will learn why the prohibition of Cannabis came about and why it took so long to free the plant. The word of the lord is a strong tower, the righteous run in to it and they are saved. Each session begins with a worship sessions to create positive vides for the very important conversation the Church should be having. We will take the lead on Cannabis the Church because the church has the power to heal it self and the community it serves, we are the Church when we love one another. 


The cost to retain us for these sessions is $420 dollars, the rest of the cost are associated with the total number of people you will have in attendance. Only Love can heal us and it starts from with in. Each session is no more than 1 hour long, its not a lecture on Cannabis its an interactive question period that will help you understand the laws of Cannabis in Canada and the Laws of Cannabis and the Lord according to the Word. 


Thank you 

May the Lord Keep you and Bless you

May He Shine His face upon you

May He Bless your coming in and going out

Remember to thank the Lord for today for His love towards us.