The Global Economic markets are uncertain and now is the time to take control of your financial freedom. Learn about the financial laws, the network, the laws of Tithing, Offerings and Alms. Master these three and you will never be broke. 
Making your ideas a reality is no easy task, but with the right help you can start and find your way. All it takes is a willingness to start and you will see how rewarding your lifestyle will become. Governments are not certain that they will get back to normality for the foreseeable future, now is the time to take charge of your life.

Owning a business is the only way to manage the economical advantages of financial freedom. Get to know your value by creating some value by writing down your ideas or if you have experience purchase an existing business. Shopify has made a platform to run your eCommerce operations on. They have created this tool that mega enterprises like Amazon run on and have made it available to you. It's the power of Walmart with less of the overhead.  

If you need AN EXTENDED income, start a business, you need money to start a business then you need understanding to keep that business going, understanding is experience and that costs money.
How do you get going then? Well, you start by putting one idea forward, leave the rest until you finish this one idea. 

Start with writing down the idea, in a business plan, the plan is the idea you have or the idea that you want to implement. This is a road map, now you need facts to support your plan, go get the facts to support your idea to build a solid plan and start with the laws. When you get going, if you don't stop, you don't have to restart, keep going, slow progress is still progress. In the next 10 years social media will change drastically and you can be earning money on the Shopify platform, while these changes are happening. It's not social media, it's Shopify media that will be the future. People will be checking the status of their stores rather than any other status online, because that's where the money will be. The internet is still young and young people, like my nephews are starting to migrate to platforms that make them money, rather than get entertained, just like social media. They don't want to be fed pop culture, they are looking to the future for employment using platforms that will take them there. If the platform is not there yet they will be creating it. This is the mentality of the young people of today. "If we don't have it, we will build it". 

Work on your plan until you profit on paper, then implement the plan until you profit in reality. Marketing is needed in every step of this journey, marketing will help you grow your business and marketing will sustain you but marketing is only 20% of your business's total budget the other 80% if managed well, will make the 20% worth it.  
We focus on marketing here, if you are reading this, you are a marketing student, marketing manager or marketing professional that's looking to grow, we will help you to master the 20% of the entire marketing department. 

We have been working with and building brands since the 1900's, we have the marketing juice to launch you to the moon and back, to Mars and back. My Great grandmother taught me the way of the masters.  What can We do for You?

Hon. B.J. Couchman 

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