Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022
Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022

Advance Bernard Couchman Mayor of Ottawa 2022

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Bonjour, je m'appelle Bernard Couchman, Ottawa.

Hi Hi Happy Thoughts to you and yours.

Kwey kwey, aanii, boozhoo!

 “I Bernard Couchman mayoral candidate acknowledges that we the city of Ottawa are on unceded Algonquin, Anishinabek territory." I have Respect for the chiefs as I am a decendent of kings that some call chiefs. I am Non violent I seek peace at all times I create solutions to prevent problems at all times. I saturate my mind in Love and positive thoughts.

My name is Bernard Couchman. Thanks to local companies like Shopify. You can now contribute to my Mayoral campaign 2022. This is adult content for the voting public. No Santa Claus stories.






Time: 1000h--2000h or 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Bernard Couchman VISION for Ottawa is to create the World's first Judgement Free City by putting an end to Stigmas. The voice of the Indigenous and unity. 

I am pursuing my constitutional Law degree at The University of Ottawa, however last year during enrollment, my sister came home from work sick in October, I'm sorry to say she died of cancer in December. My heart is full of her memories. Now I'm running to be mayor of Ottawa, she wanted me to continue the journey because I am well. 

I'm not political, I am sane, political people they are all the same, confused. How can YOU hate some one because of their difference in views, some one told me, I have become their mortal enemy because I am not with their political party. To me that is strange, it's like they are ignoring the fact we as Canada inc are still a colony, and will always be settlers, my understanding is unity, always unity, we are stronger together that means unity can make us dunamis. Let us always try to find the parts that we have in common and leave the other parts to history. I love them. I love them. I love them. You have to say this out all day.  My family's heritage does not allow me to be political, we are only allowed to lead by grace and mercy. Leadership has to do with progress. Words have power when referring to me please call me a progress man, not a politician.

Word to the wise...Knocking on over one hundred thousand doors and I continue to knock on every door in every WARD in Ottawa. NO OTHER CANDIDATE IN THE HISTORY OF OTTAWA HAS DONE THAT!!! Thank you for opening up and welcoming me in. I'm coming to the rest of the doors, see you soon. Please remember my time is divided by one million people, special thanks to all of you in the Somerset Ward, for your donations and vote, thanks for understanding I can only possibly pass by once, you are the smallest ward but continue to donated the most. I wanted  to start small. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I am a Rugby player, I have  played in more than 300 matches. I am organising a rematch with France a 25 year anniversary Ontario vs France, the match will add High Paying Jobs and over 3 million injected into the city in 2023. I ran in One 10k, One 1/2 marathon the army run and Five Marathons all in Ottawa. I have over 100,000 km on the bicycle. I love to swim. I love Hightech! I have been taking photographs since I was 7 years old. I am a fine arts connoisseur. 

I am a businessman, I own a marketing company, a record label and a publishing company. I create brands, I am a professional recording artist. I have written more than 500 songs, I have recorded over 500 songs and I have also pened more than 10 books 7 of which are children's books. l love to read, my favorite place to read is on OC Transpo. I love reading history books. I prefer Movies in the theater than TV. I like staying and watching the credits and hearing the full score. I go to the movies every week some times by myself as an active member of the Academy of arts.


The last two years were tried and testing times for all businesses, for those of us that survived, keep going my heart is telling me to keep on supporting our small and medium size businesses. Small and MEDIUM-SIZED business will receive 100,000 of deferral payments over a four year period. The major objective naturally is to insulate our local economy from external shocks, you have a choice, you be prepared with me, or Wait and see with my opponent.   The goal is to grow the  greatest local companies, to employ lots of high earning people, to export our high tech to other countries, this will help reestablish and build the community we once knew but a better one, all the tech companies will rise together, it's about building, supporting and securing "Global Ready" companies. I'm going to take care of the roads and the water and the lights, by implementing ("Efficiencies") is that OK?

 When Ottawa accepts me as leader, Mayor in this case that in of it self is the biggest change I can bring to the city and it's only one thing. This is my third time running for Office of the mayor if you don't know About Bernard Couchman by now, you need to ask yourself what does that say about you as a voting citizen. My challenge to you is to change. Let's not go back let's advance together YOU AND  I. 

The environmentalist in me have studied the historical disrespect and degradation for our Transient migratory population, humans and other living creatures, due to our geographic location, our ecology and biodiversity needs to have the most significant investments to date, to recreate the habits for the sustainable development of the valley. We live on one earth we all share the same mycelium franchise. When people arrive in Ottawa I would love to have them say "wow the air quality is awesome, they must have a lot of trees, a lot of birds alot of bees a lot of waters that run to the seas..." When we take care of each other we tend to take care of the environments we live in. Remember to remember to always care for others...we are all humans.



          Bernard Couchman's

                    PLATFORM =--''''----______===---

Singular and clear the Indigenous issue at the municipal level. We solve that and everything will fall into play. My plan is to win not to be popular. I'm applying for this job to save us from the depression economically speaking that is coming, Creating high paying Jobs is the only the only way.

Health: Bring the complete healing to the relationship with the indigenous of Turtel Island and Canada Inc. at the municipal level. Culturally appropriate Health Delivery to our diverse community. Preventive Healthcare. Understanding Mental Health. Create a solid Universal Housing plan. Cut waiting times at hospital, by making 24 hours Ottawa public health hubs for minimal and medium-size triage. Prophyolactic holistic health care. Free tampons and pads for 4 years. 

Preventitive health care applying and enforcing natural nutritional habits in the community through educational series, the introduction of natural medicine in the food we grow for the four Seasons we live within, the health is in our food, by growing locally to the climate, we can create more oxygen and have greater yealds per crop cycle, every four months. This should bring down our food and fule cost significantly, using the entire High Tech community to reach the resolve. Natural regenerative medicine. 

You want to get healthier?
Start drinking more water.

YOU want to get stronger?
When you wake up as soon as you stand up, catch your breath and go back down and do some push ups. Start there.

You want to get wiser?
Start praying in Tongues. I'm about that life!


My philanthropy hours as a volunteer are in the thousands of hours serving my community in many envelopes, sitting in on the LRT Commission at U of O is an example of these Hours, as an investment to help build this city to take it forward in the right direction. In the Health Envelope there is the African Caribbean Health Network, which I had the privilege of co-chairing. There is nothing more valuable than life experiences, except a healthy lifestyle. Possession of small amounts of necrotics in my opinion working in health, is not a criminal offense, it's a health concern and an issue that can lead to mental illness. The moment we remove the stigma the moment we start to heal as a society. We are talking about Mental Illness, addictions is a mental health issues, what would it look like if we put more money into finding the root causes of addictions and start to deal with causation rather than putting people in to the ardent criminal university Prison... knowing what I know now it's  healthier for society when we equip our people with the right tools. I would reeducate our front line workers with the objective of making sure that when dealing with public possession rather than arrests it's now ensuring  the substance they are in possession of is pure of contaminants. Special training and special high tech equipment will be needed. We can save more lives this way. Crime will come to a all time low. More high paying jobs will follow.

Education: Free education for local citizens that live work and play in the municipality. The Purchasing of all Schools Student debts for Canadian citizens living in Our municipality before October 1 2022. Preparing our next generation for work that will be here, rather than teaching them about work we will equip them with ready real life skills. Training all our future young people self defense skills to put an end to bullies. 

ECONOMICS: Free trade in the dominion Indigenous first buy Canadian. Free public Transit for all that live in Ottawa. Free Quantum Speed Internet. Quantum computers. 24 Hours investment hubs. 2 weeks Canada day reveling. Free smartphones, tablets, laptops, and or desktop computers to voting citizens that vote. Lower the cost of fule and food for all citizens by investing in high tech. 50% all unemployed people in Ottawa are differently able, you don't need me to be mayor for you to change these Statistics, hiring practice shape communities. As mayor I look for what you have rather than what you don't. Sometimes it is as simple as hiring a differently able person in the city planning scrums, this could add positive effects and prevent disaster for all of us. My management style is educational independence, my door is open and you will always have both my ears. I accept full responsibility for everyone on the team as the leader. I'm different and you will come to appreciate different when you try new experience. That is how we grow, into the new, you and I. 

 To help with over inflation I would be interested in holding on specific taxes and cost on all services at the municipal level. We can all use a break right now, a incentive tax break, we are all in this together. Helping people keep their HOMES and Businesses is a wise investment from any level of government. It strengthens neighborhoods, and builds healthy communies. This will help us as we strive to increase our capacity on the human development index. You and I.

We are living in inflationary times. A large number of Canadians will default on their mortgage as the BOC gets closer to that 3% hike to cool inflation. A section of that percentage are defaulting this month if the math is right. If you are in that position, you have options, rather than go in to bankruptcy and loose your credit score because of it, you can hand over your mortgage to me in a legally binding contact, and you get to walk away and start over. If you are holding more than one mortgages or if you can't afford the one you have. You always have a choice. This is for anyone any where in Canada. This is for anyone any where in Canada. This is for anyone no matter where you are in Canada. You and I.

From the city perspective Invest $5000 per person per a household a year for four years into qualified pensioners, widows, orphans, single parents and guardians families. This demogapic can use a break, it will help the young people create a sense of community with the amount of resources we will be providing for them. Cash and services incentives to cope with the highest inflation in recent History. Doing what a city needs to do to help its citizens pull us out the depression and recession get us back into the black. Cities have tools to help society adopt. They don't know what the don't know so they never use the tools they have. You get into office and I will help get us out the depression. You and I.

Work with both levels of Government to reduce the 13% to 10%. In exchange you have to put it back into the Canadian economy to keep us advancing you and I.

To the media: 

On Russia
The moment the first person died in Ukraine from the Russian invasion... If I was Mayor at the time I would have ask the citizens first to have them expelled the Russian and the Chinese Ambassadors and cancel their tenantsy in the City of Ottawa. There is no fear in Love. They can move outside the city for all I care...and when they are ready to be civil again, we would welcome them back. A non violence way to send a strong message when it comes to violence...if we are to truly be the nation of nonviolence. Now that we are here where we are now many have died and many more will be killed if we don't resolve this now. I am willing to offer my services to end the war, it will cost 1 million an hour of my time but I won't need the whole hour with both Leaders. Father I pray for peace in the Ukraine have mercy on Russia they know not what they do.

ENVIRONMENT: The planting of more Female trees, trees helps to heal the Rivers, Lakes and Streams, and can make them drinkable again. Put an end to pot holes on our streets. Fully electric/Hydrogen hybrid fleets that feed the grid. Reverse high technology that captures and reuse wasted energy. Maximize the city properties  to grow as much local crops indoors and out. 24 hours in the parks and a four day work week, to increase family time and reduce traffic for You and I.

THE Maximum Budget the mayor candidates can spend on the campaign is $531,7630.00 the maximum I can contribute to the budget from my personal finance is $25,000 the equivalent of 5%, of which I've  already committed, the remaining balance must come from the good people of Ontario.

The maximum any one can donate is $1200 Canadian. Anyone living or have a resident in Ontario can donate. We encourage you to help us by donating to the max today. It's like making an order to donate, you get a receipt for records, be on the right side of History donate today.


We are now accepting donations in kind in the form of Crypto Currency, Cannabis, Scrap Metals, Gold, Diamonds and Stocks, Bonds, NFT, Digital Reward Points, including Canadian Tire currency, PC Optimum, McDonald's, Phresh, Etc. IF YOU ARE IN THAT POSITION ADD  ME to your Will to help me, Your inheritance will be well invested. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!!!

Every bitcoin helps. Please email we will respond or by calling 343 462 4998

Thank you.

 Volunteers are the life of the city, as a graduating Student that is in need of some volunteer hours, Let's Gooooo!!! or if you want to support the underdog, reach out to get linked up...Our team is Lit...🔥🔥🔥💯🚀🌍💋💪🎼🌞

Email: to volunteer. 

If you are a positive individual who enjoys having fun at work by creating, then this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Join a dynamic agile team of accomplished professionals that will grow your network. See you soon!


Candidates are allowed to appoint scrutineers to represent them at the voting places on election day. The job of the scrutineer is to observe the conduct of the voting station to ensure it is operating in a free and fair manner.

°No experience necessary, and your expertise can *lean* in from any location. 

Medical team, ears, nose, eyes, mouth, and  mind doctors.

Ward Rep: Be a leader.




Stage Constitution:




Clean up crew:***

Door to door canvasing:

Fundraising: Get 10% of the funds you raise.



Traffic control:

Creative Arts:

Musical Arts:

Your House, Office and or Land till October 31:

Your  mind skills:





Sound engineering:

Video Photo Team:


Web Development:

Light engineering:

Set up and clean up crew:

Street crew:

Fashion consultant:


 There is over 1 million people in Ottawa and only One Bernard's impossible to please all of you because some of you are of the light and some of you choose not to be part of the light. Some have asked about my position on the darkness agenda. I am of the light. I am here for progress not political ideology. Our Indigenous in Canada STILL needs drinking water it's 2022.


If you are willing to respect my opinions I have already decided to respect your options. Then we can have a conversation on killing the fetus...just so everyone knows where I stand. At the municipal level there isn't much we can do because it's a federal issue. However I am happy my Mother aborted the thought and kept me. I respect the woman's right to her body, her body her choice, although at conception it takes a sperm and an egg to create, I soberly agree that she forfeits her right because she didn't acted on her own. The choice goes from her body to the protection of life in her body at conception because that is the only way for us humans to procreate.

I'm sticking with Jesus on saving as many lives as possible. I will donate 80% of my salary as mayor to give all potential Murder of the fetus the opportunity to save the life.

Every house needs a Fondation and a frame without them there is no dwellings.

The fetus is the frame and the Fondation of the body. The more you distroy the fetus the more you are killing humanity. In exigent matters one can make that decision, the exceptions to the rule.


Jesus was born of a teenage mother. It is written. You are going to do what you are going to do, I'm not trying to change you. However you don't know what you don't know. Only Love has that power to change you. I am merely expressing my FreeDom of opinions. It's not right it's not wrong but it's mine, and yours belongs to you..
We can still live civil in and be violent free in our now society. I would submit we have an obligation to protect the life even if its by fortuity. I'm about unity dispite side views.


I don't hate it, I don't promote it, I don't support it and I have no objections to your choice in life. To me Sexual deviant is you gratifying your sexual feelings in spite of nature natural wonders, Who am I to judge, all sexual deviants are the same exclusive and non inclusive. We can end the stigma by having all sexual deviants must declare their choice on contact with the public. As mayor I would encourage young people to make wise choice. If you choose to be a sexual deviant it will be an uphill battle, it's not like the indigenous of Canada who needs water to survive, we don't need sex to survive. It's not like the civil rights movement, we need civil rights to survive, we don't need sex to survive, the monks, have proven this. Choose to fight for the less fortunate like our indigenous people, and the differently able people. I would submit to the young people sexual deviants overwhelmingly adds to your mental illness. Chinadoll said it right "this election is all about the family, housing and affordability  cost of living." I will always respect the truth. 

I believe they are citizens that supports my hard stance on mental health. Choose to be mentally healthy. 



Thank you


Have a great day!!!