How to win a city
How to win a city
How to win a city

How to win a city

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Hi and welcome to my Hard Cover Book.

How to win a city

Back in early 2000s I relinquished my Co-Chair position at the African Caribbean Health Network of Ottawa. To focus on my personal and family relationships. Family is everything, family are those that do the will of Love. 

On my first attempt for Office of the Mayor of Ottawa in 2014, they told me that if I won they would kill me, so I didn't win. On my second attempt of Office of Mayor of Ottawa 2018, they said that if I won they would kill me, so I didn't win. 

Ottawa and Canada was not ready for a Mix race leader. The word was still making its way through out the cities that the change is coming, as they call it the shift, culture shift. Working at a Sports retail store I was amazed when our manager walked into the meeting at my side, OK every body we are having a culture shift and we will be hiring more people. I know the the time had come. The people of Canada are now ready because they see the shift becoming a reality right in front of their lives.

George Floyd and the death of George Floyd changed everything. Now they are telling me, Ottawa is ready and for a mix leader one everyone can identify with and this is your time to win. Those that opposed you are no more. All you have to do is keep going.


Now the people will remember your two attempts to win the Office of Mayor of Ottawa, and now they will know about what it takes to get up every day and thinking how do I make my city better.


If you have ever run for Office you already know, the drain it takes on your total health. Now imagine being of a different race and trying to make in roads with people who all they see is the color of your skin due to systemic racisms, they don't acknowledge your Ideas for a better society. It's hard man, it's tuff, you have to have all the right stuff. Plus you are an independent as well. The principles of capitalism is Country,  Party, Family, and Religion. If you are an independent your odds are low for you to be getting in to office, Not impossible but low.  

Timing is everything, I've learned that winning is not everything, sometimes you have to loose to survive. If not who is going to tell your story. He who loose and run away live to win another day.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph had to run to Egypt until Herod had passed away. No one lives forever so out live them and you have already won. DAVID the Star of Israel was on the run from his father in law. He humbled himself before Love and Love paved the way for him. He won his city by serving it. Health is very important to me, as I age I've watched the older manage and miss manage the health process in life. I have learned that your Health is your number one priority, you and you alone. If you are healthy you are able to take care of others as well. Health is not just physical it's not just mental it's not just spiritual it's a Holistic approach. It takes all of you to be healthy it takes a lot of work, that's why the strong survive. 

The knowledge and experience the value of information and community. Health is wealth and we owe it to our society to keep healthy positive thoughts about our slef and to others.


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A book in the hand is worth more than two books in the library. 

You will find that the author is warning  Cities in North America, they are running at 15% of capacity due to racisms, when we peel back the systemic roots that holds us deep in the pass we can cut the cords and grow as a dominion. Exert from how to win a city.  

On the streets Respect to those on the hustle in your city and your town and villages. The Rich man's wealth is in the cities. First you win the streets then you win the house. Before all of that you have to win your self. You have to know who you are.

Who are you? Answer the most profound question you will ever hear. 

I like to tell people I love reality, every day I wake up I wake up as Bernard Couchman. Nothing else. I'm sure you might have some questions so I will make it easy on you. Some people wake up and pretend to be something that they are not, now it's making sense eh. The women say B you are always on. I'm like I can only be me. It's hard enough being your self if people can't handle you then that's on them. Never try to be anything other than 100% you. Make a better you by getting to know you, you do that by setting your standards to Love. Love will pull out all the greatness inside of you. If you fully understand the capacity of Love you will develop the way to get through life with out worries. The only way to know Love is to exercise your faith, you have to do it right, you have to make the effort to prove Love and that takes faith. 

You have to Know your value, every day you have to give thanks for life, increase your capacity to learn be willing to take risk to grow, every risk you take is the path to growth. From your arrival on earth growth is all we should be focusing on. Growing closer to Love.

HRH Bernard Couchman first published book. President and leaders pre-order the authors book. The book is open for pre-order. Pre-orders will receive an autographed copy for the first 100 sold by.

This book is the life journey through the lens of history and personal experiences the author lived. The impact and continued sustainable actions and redefining what it takes to win a city. Engagement is the connected value walk through the streets of cities of the Americas, cities who citizens were won over with out violence and fear. Learn how to win a city through love.

All you have to do is have a willing heart, all that you need is 3 feet in front of you. Love has given you everything in arms reach. Reach out and do it right.

Learn about population solvency and its important impacts on debt recovery as a nation, learn how to be financially free as a nation beginning with the towns, cities and metropolis. The regions and states are overwhelm with debts, the only way out is to learn what you don't know.   


If you love to read this book will challenge your every though you knew in life. This book deals a lot about Sex, how Sex is the most powerful stimulus behind every powerful men. How women have the power but they give to the men just as the word declared. Sex is not tabu any more you are tabu if you are not open about Sex. 

HRH B.J. Couchman