What is Wealth




HRH B.J. Couchman

 These two keys in the image belong to Louwi. Lu and I would do donuts in the winter with his machines. We use to take trips OT and back. Thank you Lu 

Before we get started on wealth you must remember that the blessings of the Lord brings wealth. Health is all God because God is all health, health is wealth and there is only two ways to get wealthy, either you get married into wealth or you inherit wealth. 

Don't read pass this, think about what you just read. 

Wealth is not something you can amase in one or two or even ten generations it takes more than a century for you to consider your family wealthy. Any one can get rich, we see it all the time the stock market makes a move and a few people get rich, the don't have the wealthy family Fondation and the richness disappears in a short time, sometimes faster then it came. Take for instance the Waltons now Bill is credited for creating the family fortune however it takes the family to love each other enough to keep that money from leaving and flying away, now you can see why it takes the Lord to get you wealthy, you need to love to work together to make sure you are all on the same page. Can two walk together except they agree. 

Wealth is not money or possessions its time spent with love ones. Wealth is Time. 

Time, well if you have money you think you can buy time, Wrrrrrrrroooong. Only those that trust in the lord have time. Every one else is quickly running out of time. 

Wealth is like poverty it only comes to those that focus on it. Always be kind and gentle to one another and the environment. Better to be poor than a liar. 

Wealth is not money, wealth can bring money, money can not bring wealth. Wealth is humbling your self and trusting in God, letting him take care of the situation. The are things that are out of our control and they are things that are in our control. Trusting God helps you know that it will be OK, no amount of money can make you fell OK, no amount of money knows what is around the corner or in another day. Trusting God is in our control. 

People have big houses with bigger yards and many cars but they can not enjoy it because they are not wealthy. They have things not wealth. You should be enjoying your things if you have it. They have possession of things but the don't have the Lifestyle to enjoy it. They lack the Time to enjoy the pleasures they possess. Ain't that something all those things and you still can't even start to enjoy any of it. 

I was born into wealth in Guyana, where faith abounds but I was taught poverty in Canada, I was introduced to Capitalism, and how to master it, wow what a word. I didn't choose to be born into the family I was born into and I certainly didn't choose my place of birth. Captain Couchman of the Royal Navy carried the gospel to the Indigenous of the land and for his repentant spirit he was given a wife of Royal blood from the Chief. Only God knows the spirit of men but men get to see the actions of men. 

Remember the blessings of the Lord brings wealth, my family's trust in Jesus, my ancestors decision to carry the gospel to the next-generation is my wealth. Knowing Jesus is my wealth. Billions of people all over the world don't know Jesus yet. They don't know the laws of marketing in the apostolic gospels. They don't know they have life and they can have eternal life in Christ. They don't know. They don't know that all those that call on the name of the Lord will be saved. They don't know that because of Jesus they have a Blank Cheque to write any amount of money they want and they will get it. Just by believe with the faith. 

My place of birth is now the largest untap oil reserve in the world. My family is a prominent family of that land and inheritance is a natural wealth creation because of marriage, remember they are only two ways to get wealthy. I now want to help you understand that the laws of the universe are real and when you come to understand these laws, you come to become open to the possibility that you can be wealthy. If you were not born into a wealthy family now you learn how to create your wealth. Use your faith and get next to greatness. 

Every one has to work, to earn a living, if you learn at an early age that work is not for money but rather for knowledge and experience then you will never work a day in your life, I have never worked a day in my life. I have been working since I was five years old and getting paid directly at twelve years old.

My experience is not attached to my money, and my money is not attached to my experience. They never equal out the laws of nature. However its important to know that your perspective is important, if you take the thought that people will pay you to teach you knowledge and skills, then you will never work a day in your life, you can get up and walk away from any toxic work environment. Never put your self in the place that you have to take any work that comes by, its a trap that too many hard working people get caugth into. If you are reading this then you are on your way to wealth from poverty. Poverty is a state of mind. Having a transformative mind by Christ is the only way to see clear in my experience.

The transformation is real and that is the effects of the wealth principle, you now look at life through the lenses of a creator, because that is what you are about to do, create wealth for you and the ones you love. It all starts with the mind, a clear mind will always see what the eyes miss. 

Having multiple revenue streams will only bring you multiple revenues, when they work for you. The objective is to be wealthy. Remember that the Blessing of the Lord Brings Wealth. The Lord brings wealth. Not anything else.